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Low Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive
May 03, 2017

Low temperature Hot Melt adhesive is the current dosage of the most hot melt adhesive varieties, the advantages of this hot melt adhesive is strong adhesion, high strength, good toughness, can meet the heat resistance, cold resistance to the requirements of the compatibility with other additives, good use, can adhere to many different properties of the substrate, melt viscosity low, the sizing convenience, the price is suitable.

The main ingredients of low temperature hot melt adhesive, i. e., the basic resin is ethylene and ethylene acetate copolymer under high pressure, and then with adhesive, viscosity regulator, antioxidant and other hot melts, Eva Hot melt adhesive is a kind of non-solvent, non-moisture, 100% of the solid melt polymer, at ambient temperature for solids, heated melting to a certain extent to be able to flow and have a certain viscous liquid adhesive, the melting of light brown translucent body or Ben White.

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