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Advantages and disadvantages of hot melt Adhesive
May 03, 2017

1. Merit: The unit material packing and freight cost is low, does not freeze, does not need the drying and the drying equipment, easy adhesion cannot penetrate the surface material, produces the bonding strength quickly, the storage stability is good, the glue film continuously, the water resistance, does not penetrate the steam.

2. Disadvantages: The need for special application equipment, viscosity and temperature limitations to the strength of limited, continuous heating will decompose, the coating of poor control, may need to preheat the viscosity, high energy consumption.

3. Construction features: The state has powdery, granular, blocky, rod-like, membrane-like, so the sizing methods are diverse, can spray, roller coating, dispensing, spreading, high requirements for equipment, technology is not convenient to change.

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