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Application of hot melt adhesive
Jan 27, 2018

Fabric with hot melt adhesive

Mainly used for such as shape, shoes, hats production. The use of the plastic clothing not only has a crisp, plump appearance quality, as well as washing naturally smooth, can be worn without ironing features. The use of the plastic shoes, cap light and breathable, good shape retention, especially for the footwear industry, but also has the comfort to wear, reducing the advantages of shoe odor. The use of hot melt adhesive technical indicators are as follows:


Appearance: white or yellowish granular or powdery.

Melting point: 105-115 ° C: Melt index: 18-22g10min (160 ° C);

Loose density: 0.48-0.52g / cm3; rest angle: 30-35 degrees;

Adhesive strength: ≥1.5-2.0kg / 25mm; Washability: ≥5 times.

Such hot melt adhesives can be divided into polyamide (PA), polyester (PES), polyethylene (LOPE and HDPE) and polyesteramide (PEA), such adhesives have been identified by the five results, the completion of the national "seven Five "research projects, Hebei Province," Eighth "key project, won the national invention award, Tianjin, Hebei Province, a scientific and technological achievement awards each, won the national invention patents three.

Book binding

Food, beverages, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine and other packaging sealing, most of the use of hot melt adhesive to complete the sealing machine. Bookbinding industry has now abolished the old line, nail, switch to hot melt adhesive technology, not only improve the binding quality, more importantly, greatly accelerate the binding speed, the use of hot melt adhesive technical indicators are as follows:


Packaging with books and periodicals

Appearance white granular light yellow flake

Melting point (° C) 70-84 65-78

Viscosity 2500-3500 5500-6500

Hardness 78-82 65-75

Curing speed 3-5 0-20

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

Mainly used for women's sanitary napkins, children's diapers, sick bed mattress, incontinence and other elderly. In particular, the latter, with the continuous aging of our population structure. Demand for incontinence in the future will increase rapidly. The use of hot melt adhesive technical indicators are as follows:


Shape: white or slightly yellow block viscoelastic, solid;

Melting point: 80-90 ℃;

Adhesive strength: 2.0-2.51g / 25mm;

Health requirements: tasteless, non-toxic, does not irritate the skin.

Multi-purpose solvent-based hot melt adhesive

In the production of many products, such as: hot melt transfer, liquid crystal material sealing, wallpaper security, painting paper, computer printing, food production date typing, wire and cable agent code are the application of hot melt adhesive performance, but can not use The existing granule or powder form does not have to be made liquid in the presence of a suitable solvent and applied to a substrate to obtain a thin and uniform film before it can be used in the production of subsequent processes. Because of the different types of solute (hot melt adhesive), a variety of solvent hot melt adhesives can be made.

Furniture Edge with hot melt adhesive

China is a wood-scarce country, except for a small amount of high-grade furniture, the use of solid wood, the furniture are mostly used fiberboard, wood shavings or sawdust production, and edge panels of furniture must use hot melt adhesive bonding Edge material to increase the sense of beauty, Solid wood furniture. The use of hot melt adhesive technical indicators are as follows: Appearance: pale yellow granular or sticky white.

Melting point: 70-84 ° C; Viscosity: 45000-75000 (180 ° C).

Relative hardness: 70-80%; Curing speed: 8-12 seconds.

Thermoplastic powder coating

There are two major categories of polyethylene (CDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) powder coatings. Cages used for fish farming, road fence, bicycle baskets, racks, refrigerators shelf, fan enclosures. According to the need to make a variety of colors, painting the surface of metal products play a protective and decorating role.

Performance: LOPE paint PVC coating

Color: selected according to purpose selected by purpose

Size: 80-120 mesh 80-120 mesh

Metal adhesion: excellent

Common Model: OSD

Hot melt adhesive film

Hot-melt adhesive film is divided into two major categories of thermoplastic and thermosetting, mainly used for electronic product nameplate, plastic, hardware, cell phone window frame and the front cover of the adhesive; even uneven surface adhesion can get good results . Color: brown

Thickness: 0.1-0.205MM

Dissolving temperature: 120-160 ℃

Pressure: 10-20 psi

Hot melt time: 3-30 seconds

The main models: 3M615, TESA8475, TESA8432, Sika KAP H192 and so on. [2]

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