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Classification and use of valve pocket glue
Mar 22, 2018

Speaking of valve pockets, people may feel strange, but if it comes to woven bags, it is familiar to everyone. Valve bags are born out of woven bags. They are similar but very different. They are the most popular international packaging bags. In packaging powder, food, fertilizer, minerals, etc., easy to use, resistant to damage, the bottom of the square is easy to pile up, beautiful.

    The valve pockets can be roughly divided into the following three types according to their materials: PP, PE valve pockets, paper-plastic composite valve pockets, and kraft paper valve pockets. Then the glue of the corresponding adhesive valve pocket is also roughly divided into these three categories. Our three types of glue all have, of which PP, PE valve pocket glue praise up. The glue is sprayed on the glue, the glue is transparent, the taste is small, the adhesion is strong, the opening time is long, and the automatic spraying machine can also be sprayed by hand.

This glue is also very effective for a variety of membrane valve pockets and is widely used in such valve pockets. It is different from the common valve pocket glue on the market. Our company's glue is a one-component glue. It can be used directly after opening the lid. It is not necessary to consider the distribution ratio, but now the valve pocket glue on the market is still a two-component glue. The Lord, in the course of use, is bound to be a lot of cumbersome, simple operation is the great advantage of our company's glue.

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