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Diffusion theory of bonding of hot melt adhesive
May 03, 2017

The theory of bonding diffusion of hot melts is Borozncui and others first, and the theory is that the polymer self adhesive and mutual ask bonding is due to the diffusion of polymer molecules on the interface. In the experiment, they found that the bonding strength of hot melts was related to the parameters of the two molecules contacting time, the relative molecular weight of polymers, and the calculation obtained from diffusion theory was very consistent with the experiment.

Mutual diffusion is essentially occurring in the interface, therefore, the adhesive and the adhesive between the interface disappears, into an excessive area, obviously the increase of the strength of the straw joints is beneficial, when the two polymers of the solubility of similar parameters will occur mutually miscible and diffusion, at this time can get a relatively high adhesion strength.

But the diffusion theory also has great limitations, and there is obviously no interface diffusion between polymer binder and inorganic, while diffusion theory cannot be used to explain the phenomena of such hot melt adhesive bonding.

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