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Hot Melt Adhesive TPU Film for Laminating Fabric/Clothing
Jun 05, 2017

Main products: 

TPU film with thickness of 0.012mm-3.0mm, width can be reached 2200mm, they are suitable for enviromental protection materials and widely used in shoe material. Colthing, bra strap, handbag, placemat, water walking ball, medical instruments, automobiles, sport products and other inflatable products. 

A. TPU shoes material series

Advantages: Eco-friendly material, high wear and tear resistance, excellent bending resistance, high strength, easy for vacuum forming and printing, easy for high frequency welding, good UV stability, excellent hydrolysis, resistance to low and high temperature, 

Using for making ladies shoes, sports shoes and rain shoes

B. Waterproof and breathable TPU film: 

Advantages: Eco-friendly material, , excellent Waterproof and breathable, Excellent durability, Anti-static, excellent tear and wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, smooth and soft touch, not sticky after machine wash and heat-dry

It can be widely used to laminate with fabric. 

C. TPU zipper film series, 

Widely use on garment zipper, shoes zipper, eco-friendly, waterproof and breath freely, excellent elasticity, wear resisting, gradually replace PVC

D. TPU sport film and TPU inflatable film series

Color: Black, milky, orange, blue, any color according to client's requirements. 

Advantages: Non-yellow resistance wear resistance, flexible resistance, excellent rebound resistance

It is widely used on football/soccer ball, beach ball, water boll, inflatable ball and so on. 

E. TPU mould proof and antifungal antibacterial series

It is widely used to drinking bags and medical application. 

F. TPU foam series

Application: Using for sport/leisure shoes soles

G. TPU plating/laser series

Color: Multiclor, can be customized

Application: Using on shoes material, excellent stereo effect

H. TPU film with high/normal temperature resistance series

Advantage: Heat resistance, smooth and non-stick, excellent tenacity, eco-friendly

Application: TPU film widely used on oil bag undergarment,

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