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Hot Melt Adhesive Type
May 03, 2017

(l) Eva Hot Melt Adhesive is vinyl acetate copolymer, to it as the base material, add the cat agent, antioxidant, plasticizer, such as the hot melt adhesive called Eva Hot Melt Adhesive, is used at the time the most of a hot melt adhesive.

(2) phthalocyanine-book adhesive polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive and E-young, hot melts, mutatis mutandis, there is very good flexibility, bending, heat resistance, resistant to media, the use of the highest temperature up to 200 ℃.

(3) Polyurethane vinegar Hot melt adhesive as the base material of the ammonia vinegar, its infiltration, melting-yi degrees, adhesion strength and other general functions are excellent, so the composition of the polyurethane vinegar can be used as hot melt adhesive.

(4) Hot melt Adhesive This heat-based material of the substrate is a mixture of poly-polyol and poly-acid condensation of the plump type of thermoplastic resin, adding plasticizer, viscosity additives, fillers, antioxidants and other production, has a good heat resistance, weatherability, water resistance, impact resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to medium, but heating melting Shi Han degree, the operation is difficult.

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