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Hot-melt adhesives are the most used type of adhesive for textiles, especially for garment processing
Jan 27, 2018

Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in non-woven fabrics, carpet seams, clothing linings, zippers and other bonding. Hot melt adhesive used in the textile industry to have good bonding strength, excellent softness, washable / dry cleaning. In addition, the fabric in the process of shaping, mostly through steam treatment, therefore, require plastic with high temperature steam properties, the softening point of the request is higher than 115 ℃, have appropriate crystallinity, in order to improve the thermal stability of plastic . For example, polyamide as the matrix, the lower limit of 45% (mass fraction). For excellent softness of the fabric, the hot melt adhesive requires a lower processing viscosity.

① fabric paste with hot melt adhesive

Sewing on the seam can greatly reduce the garment labor intensity, and the production of clothing fine, fit, strong solid. Hot melt adhesive used in fabric paste mainly polyamide, cheese and polyurethane and so on.

② interlining processing hot melt adhesive

Bonding lining cloth is made of uniform Xu cloth hot melt adhesive on the surface of the fabric. When used, the bonding interlining is cut to the desired shape and size, and the hot-melt coated side is thermocompression bonded to the back of other fabric materials (fabrics). It lined the inside of the garment, as the skeleton of the garment, which simplifies the process and time of the garment so that the garment has various effects such as lightness, beauty, comfort, shape retention, 

washability and durability.

Interlining processing general requirements for hot melt adhesive is colorless, tasteless, soft texture, fast bonding, dry and wet resistance, the plastic can not affect the fabric, such as light resistance. Interlining processes can use a wide range of hotmelts, with almost all types of hotmelts available, most often with EVA hot melt adhesives, polyamide hotmelts and high pressure polyethylene (HDPE) hot Melt powder, and different uses of hot-melt adhesives and processing methods are also different.

③ carpet adhesive with hot melt adhesive

Carpet adhesive with hot melt adhesive for the basic material mostly ethylene and other vinyl monomer copolymer, such as ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, ethylene acrylate copolymer. The vast majority of cases use ethylene. Vinyl acetate copolymer (EvA)

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