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The basic selection requirements for wallpaper glue
Mar 22, 2018

When it comes to wallpaper glue, most people will know. Home decoration wallpaper, wallpaper and ultimately it. But now there are many wallpaper glue brands on the market, how can we choose the right one?

    No more than two requirements, first, good bonding strength, not degumming, no Alice, followed by environmental protection, which is now the mainstream of society. With this kind of request, but you have never used it, you don't know what it looks like. It's good to buy authentic goods. After all, it's definitely not a good thing. So how to distinguish it, optimistic about the following points is basically no problem. First, have a Chinese logo. Second, there must be implementation standards. Third, there must be environmental protection signs. Fourth, have a detailed factory address.

    This is one of the four most important points. Whether it is imported or domestic, there will be Chinese annotations. Do not think that there is no Chinese translation for imported products. Especially for household products like this, there will be a national implementation of standards or international certification. The specific implementation standards and the convenient supervision of the environmental protection logos are not necessary for the factory address. It is certainly not a good company to hide. As long as we firmly hold these points, we can largely avoid buying into the knockoffs. No one wants to spend money, and it hurts their own health.


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