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The in-depth concept of environmental protection makes water-based spray more and more popular
Mar 31, 2018

Speaking of glue spray, everyone will think of furniture factories, leather, sponges, fabrics and other bonding will be used. According to the nature of the spray glue is divided into two types, water-based and oily, the current oily spray occupy the majority of the market share, furniture and furniture are basically used are oily spray.

    In the recent past, many of the customers in the furniture factory have asked me about water-based glue spray to see if they can achieve the effect of oil spray. Compared to oily spray adhesives, most of the initial viscosity of water-based spray adhesives is unachievable, and they are slow to add dry, so they have great limitations in use. However, oil-based adhesives have gradually failed to keep pace with the requirements of high-end products in terms of environmental protection. Some product requirements are not only high, but almost harsh. Therefore, more environmentally friendly glues are needed to replace them. Water-based spray adhesives are therefore more important. On the market, good water-based spray adhesives are in fact no worse than oil-based adhesives, but the price is enough to deter small and medium-sized manufacturers, so it has not yet been widely used.

    Although water-based spray adhesives are not widely used at home and privately, as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and environmental protection, it is conceivable how big the market will be and what the prospects are. Of course, it is also necessary for glue manufacturers to constantly improve the glue formula, and in the event that it has a very good effect, the cost of glue should be reduced as much as possible, so that more customers can recognize it and use it.

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