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The stability of raw materials relates to the quality of the finished rubber. It is clear to those who have been in the chemical industry how important the content is to a product. Take our adhesive industry as an example.
Mar 24, 2018

The solids content of the glue and the content of certain materials are the most important criteria for customer selection. However, there are situations where you are always caught off guard. The quality of the glue is not only controlled by the manufacturer, but also depends on the quality of the various glue raw materials.

    Not only did our family experience similar problems, I also consulted many colleagues and they are also deeply troubled by this problem. In theory, the same formula, the same process, the same production staff, even if there is a maximum error is also very small, but the product made a great difference. At the beginning, we also thought that we were caused by a mistake in the production process. However, after checking many times, it was found that there were no problems. Even engineers who personally supervised the production of a product had the same problem. In this way, it is basically possible to determine that it is not its own problem. Therefore, engineers start with raw materials and see if there are problems with raw materials.

    Do not check or do not know, call the raw material supplier to ask, only to understand the lack of material content, no previous good quality. For this kind of shoddy behavior, it's really impossible to whistle. What kind of raw materials we order? If you don't have it, just say it directly. If you don't say that we think that the raw material is OK, the resulting finished rubber has problems, not only Only the loss of money has a great influence on the reputation of our company. We sincerely hope that raw material suppliers can always ensure the stability of raw materials, otherwise we will also be greatly affected.

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