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Variety modification and new product development
Jan 20, 2018

Variety modification

Over blending, grafting and other methods to modify the existing varieties to improve the performance of hot-melt adhesives. Such as stabilizers to prevent oxidation; tackifiers to improve the bonding strength; paraffin to reduce the viscosity to change the surface properties; various fillers can increase the viscosity, melting point and adhesion strength. To study the variety of ingredients, dosage, and formula optimization to meet different needs. [2]

New product development

Curable hotmelts and functional hotmelts are two broad categories of new products on the market. The former main feature is to improve the hot-melt adhesive high temperature properties, improve the softening point to 120 ℃ above, so as to expand its scope of use; functional hot-melt adhesive is for specific occasions, you can achieve specific functions to meet the needs of all purposes Gums. Such as water-soluble or dispersible hot-melt adhesives, hot melt sealant, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and so on. The following is a description of hot melt sealant. It is a polyisobutylene rubber-based one-component, solvent-free, non-fogging, non-vulcanized, with a permanent plastic insulating glass first sealant. Hot melt butyl sealant retains its plasticity and tightness over a wide temperature range, and the surface is not cracked or hardened. It is glass, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials have good adhesion. Because of its extremely low water vapor transmission rate, it can be combined with a flexible sealant to form an excellent moisture-resistant system. Features: good sealing effect, easy to ensure quality; 

no curing period, saving floor space; is environmentally friendly products, the use of no waste, clean environment; save time, raw materials, staff, reduce production costs.

In addition to the more common EVA, TPR-type hot-melt adhesives, companies should also focus on research and development of the West has a large number of applications and the potential for a number of high-pressure hot-melt adhesives products, including: reactive hot melt, water-dispersed hot melt Plastic, high-grade PA hot melt lined rubber particles and high-strength hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. At the same time, the relevant domestic raw material manufacturers should also recognize the potential of the hot-melt adhesives industry, speed up the localization of raw materials and reduce the foreign exchange loss caused by the large import of raw materials. [2]

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