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What is hot melt adhesive for furniture?
Jan 27, 2018

   Hot-melt adhesives for furniture are a group of adhesives designed for the bonding of man-made boards. They are eco-friendly, solvent-free thermoplastics. Hot melt adhesive is heated to a certain temperature, that is, from the solid state into a molten state, when coated to the wood-based substrate or edge sealing 

material surface, the cooling becomes solid, the material and the substrate together. From the late 1970s, hot melt adhesives began to enter the wood industry for edge sealing, plywood core, panel splicing, furniture tenon joining, etc. Early hot melt adhesive equipment relied mainly on the United States, West Germany, Italy and other countries Equipment, as China's hot melt equipment matures, the stability, selection and use of hot melt adhesive equipment for each specific situation in the furniture factory, not only can improve the quality and grade of furniture, but also can improve production efficiency and reduce the plate renovation The difficulty of reducing the labor intensity of workers.


1. The solid content of 100%, a gap filling, to avoid the edge roll up, bubbles and cracking, which caused by the deformation of the adhesive, dislocation and shrinkage and other ills. Because there is no solvent, the moisture content of wood has not changed, there is no danger of fire and poisoning.

2. Bonding fast, gluing and bonding interval but a few seconds, sawing and trimming can be completed within 24 seconds, no drying time can be used for continuous, automated wood bonding lines, greatly improving production Efficiency, saving the cost of the plant.

3. Wide use, suitable for bonding various materials.

4 can be a few times, that is coated on the wood hot melt adhesive, due to cooling and curing does not meet the requirements, you can reheat the secondary bonding.

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