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White latex layered how to do?
Mar 31, 2018

Frequent purchase of white latex will encounter this situation, glue bought for a period of time and then open, you will find the top layer is water, the following is the emulsion, this phenomenon is called glue moisture layer. It is a normal physical phenomenon. This does not mean that the white latex has expired. Don't worry about it too much.

    What happened to this situation? Under normal circumstances, the barrel packaging label has a production date and shelf life, first of all to confirm that the glue has not passed the shelf life. Secondly, in the label's “Attention” column, there is basically such a comment “The glue moisture layer is a normal phenomenon. After the lid is opened, it is stratified. Please stir it and use it after mixing.” Do not worry that this will affect the viscosity of the glue, although it will not feel good.

    Some customers may not understand why there is a stratification phenomenon. They believe that the glue is deteriorating and strongly demand a return or exchange of goods. In the face of problems, we must first contact customer service to ask clearly what is the cause of the problem, and what measures will be taken to influence the product. If it does not affect the normal use, it can be used under the guidance of customer service, it can not be used, and it is not too late to request a return or exchange.

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